International Treasury Management

Ensuring or implementing most effective structures and processes for cross-border flows and activities requires a holistic approach, encompassing transactions and resulting flows and position within differing markets and operating environments. For commercial/financial transactions, from their forecast right through to the management of the actual flows and resulting positions and exposures, appropriate policies and procedures for execution, monitoring and control need to be (put) in place.

[FCM] Financial cost management optimization will result from a continuous assessment and balance of the ensuing costs and benefits for each decision.

Scope / Approach

  • Evaluation of cross-border flows and related activities
  • Definition of position profiles
    • Liquidity
    • Currency
  • Quantification of resulting exposures and risks
  • Proposal of alternative policy, procedures etc.; for execution,
    monitoring & control

Emphasis / Highlights

  • Most effective structures, practices and instruments
  • Regional, cross-divisional
  • Cash flow cycles & funds/exposure positions

Hidden Agenda / ”Leads”

  • Large percentage international business
  • Decentralised/informal approach