International Cash Management

These enhancement projects tend to combine know-how of local idiosyncrasies of different international locations with the float and risk elements of practices that consolidate flows and positions regionally and/or at the finance centre operations. Expertise with appropriate instruments and vehicles support optimal cross-border funds movements and liquidity optimisation.

Scope / Approach

  • Focus on cross-border funds movements
    • Internal policies
    • Guidelines & procedures
    • Practices
  • In-depth review
    • Cash flow cycle
    • Position management

Emphasis / Highlights

  • Advice on float and risk elements
  • Improved financial result
    • Appropriate instruments/account structures
    • Export collections
    • International electronic banking

Hidden Agenda / ”Leads”

  • “…. need to evaluate multilateral netting system”
    altSuspected potential for optimisation of internally generated funds
    altthrough cross-border, cross-currency and/or cross-entity
    altconsolidation of short term liquidity