Finance/Treasury Risk & Control Review

The approach and scope outlined below have yielded excellent results in the past, often with limited investments required in time and resources.   Part 3, the actual assessment phase can (based on the preceding work performed) be concentrated on the priorities set jointly with the company’s management; depending on potential impact as well as internal and external parameters and limits imposed.

Part 1 – Project Introduction – Background

Explaining context and process of the review

Part 2 – Executive Summary (Preliminary)

  • Overall Assessment Summary
  • High Priority Recommendations

Providing summary assessment of the control framework against good practice. Summarising high priority recommendations for improvement. (together with management comments)

Part 3 – Evaluation of Operating Environment

  • Finance Department Organisation and Structure
  • Dealing/Transaction Controls
  • Banking and Short Term Cash Management
  • Liquidity and Investment Management
  • Financing & Debt Management
  • Foreign Exchange Rate Management
  • Interest Rate Risk Management
  • Treasury Management System(s)

Provides an overall assessment on each area of focus considered during the review and a detailed benchmark per area against reviewers experience of good practice Finance/ Treasury controls – Each area incorporating numerous characteristics.

(The high priority recommendations for improvements are all included in the executive summary.)