Domestic Financial Management

Although this represents the base operations of the subject matter, it pays almost always to address the different dimensions of standard day-to-day business practices applied on regional or single subsidiary/unit level. The pay-back of related project costs is normally only months in terms of resultant financial cost reductions and/or improved returns [FCM]. At the same time we prepare/enhance the grounds for any interrelated risk management.

Scope / Approach

  • Focus on activities within one country
    • Internal Policies
    • Guidelines & Procedures
    • Practices
  • In-depth review
    • Cash Flow Cycle (from billing to funds availability and position mgt.)
    • Instruments used

Emphasis / Highlights

  • Rationalisation of tasks
  • Improved performance
    • Cash Process
    • Financial Results

Hidden Agenda / ”Leads”

Recommend Treasury and/or Financial Management review
where indications of uncontrolled and/or inefficient operations